Frameless Glazing has been a trend that has developed into an industry of its own. At UMG, we have been involved with some very demanding projects that have made use of the visual benefits that frameless glazing systems and glass structures can offer.

As clients and architects are demand more from glass, frameless glazing and frameless glass structures have become one of the first choices for designers, the unbroken facade and clean lines make it an ideal choice for that contemporary look to a tired looking entrance or give a light and airy feeling within internal spaces.

We have found that our clients are now more often asking for structural glazing, with its modern design and sleek lines it is becoming very popular. Ranging from walk on frameless glass structures to walls made from Structural glazing, the possibilities are endless.  We have worked within this area of construction for many years and have learnt what can be achieved when it comes to structural canopies.

So, if you are looking for a simple frameless glazed partition or a stunning feature glazed lift enclosure, we are certain that we can offer a comprehensive package to meet your requirements.

Modern structural flameless glazing can offer an unobstructed view from outside and inside which is both practical in its application and visually stunning.

  • C11000-3 Bond Court, Leeds
  • C2800 Bank House,Cherry St, Birmingham
  • C2690 Primark, Broadstairs
  • C2660 Bull Wharf, Bristol
  • C2120 Kendray Hospital, Barnsley