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The Different Types of Details, Features & Connections for Your Glass Canopies

Glass canopies are without a doubt some of the most beautiful and functional areas within any structure. Thanks to modern technology, there a number of stunning solutions available. Understandably, a wide variety of features & connections for your glass canopies can be chosen. These tend to revolve around your very demanding needs. Let us take a look at some of the most innovative and effective solutions for our modern times.

Details for Glass Canopies
Appearance is critical to enhance the aesthetic appeal of any glass canopy. Thus, it makes a great deal of sense that there are a number of unique details available to the customer. Our technicians will work in conjunction with the client as well as any structural engineers or architects. We are therefore able to meet stringent demands while completing any project within an amenable time frame. From one-of-a-kind metal elements that reflect the specific ambiance of a property to personalised solutions, there will be little left to the imagination when working with our team of trained professionals. Please enquire further to learn more about the details for glass canopies that we offer.

Features for Glass Canopies
Stunning features for glass canopies are just as critical if you wish to achieve a memorable and eye-catching appeal. It is therefore understandable that UMG takes these considerations quite seriously. Once again, we will provide turnkey solutions that revolve around the needs of the specific customer. Lightweight struts, wires or metallic supports are only a handful of the options for our customers to select. Not only are these features able to add a unique sense of personality, but they will serve a very real role in terms of stability and support.
Other options include frameless glass canopies; ideal for those who may be looking to achieve a rather understated appeal. These are fashioned from hardened glass and therefore, they are able to stand up to a great deal of wear and tear over the years. It is still important to appreciate the fact that modern canopies must be built to withstand all types of weather conditions. From the heat of summer to the inclement weather often associated with winter, our designs are intended to stand up to numerous environments.

Connections for Glass Canopies
Depending upon the canopy in question, there will normally be a number of bespoke connections available. Some of these will be rigid while others are specifically designed to move as may be required. For example, it is often common for frameless canopies to utilise struts or wires. Static bolts may cause the glass to crack. So, our experts will take functional parameters into account when designing these structures. Although perhaps not as visible as aesthetic designs, connections for glass canopies are critical in terms of both safety and stability.
Connections between glass and steel can be quite fragile and therefore, common or generic fittings may not be sufficient to withstand stresses from a long-term point of view. We have designed bespoke solutions based upon the needs of the specific canopy; ideal at providing stability while not detracting from the physical appeal of our products. This helps to ensure years of continuous use while the associated levels of safety are vastly enhanced.

These are only a handful of examples which highlight the numerous features & connections for your glass canopies. We encourage you to take a further look at what we have to offer. Additionally, please speak with a representative to learn more about our products or to schedule an appointment. We will be more than happy to address any questions in more detail.

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